foto de 2Z
2Z is a band made up of 5 active fashion models, and it can be said that they have such as a very unusual career. Because of this career, at the beginning of their debut, they were called 'model idols' by the rather burdensome name, and were treated harshly as 'fake musicians' who only care about their looks. The world's huge unfortunate event since their debut in January 2020 Despite the 'COVID-19' pandemic, for about three years, they through the release of a total of 16 albums, a total of more than 30 songs were released. 2Z is nicknamed “The Boys Singing Hope" by their fandom "FromA" because of their pure and passionate attitude towards music. 2Z, who is actively challenging performance, broadcasting, modeling, and acting activities along with active album activities, successfully completed their first overseas tour in Brazil Those who released their new and sixth mini-album 'Reason' in December 2022 are about to release their second full-length album in May 2023,Starting with the ‘Asia Star Festival’ held in ‘São Paulo’, Brazil in July, they plan to make 2023 their year by carrying out overseas tours in Latin America, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia, along with active domestic activities.

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