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A four piece hc/punk band from Dresden-Chemnitz-Area, Germany. They started playing shows in 2008. Since than they thrashed some cities all over Europe, saying they "wasted shitloads of time and gasoline on our ways there. But that's the thing that makes us happy." They released a couple of EPs and recorded the LP "Dude, You Just Ruined The Show." which came out in the beginning of 2013. The band made some musical developments over time, the sound became darker, varied and harder. Their lyrics often deal with political issues or personal feelings about the life, society or surroundings. Vengeance Today is strictly rejecting racism, sexism, homophobia and supporting a drug free and straight-edge lifestyle. Discography: Dude, You Just Ruined The Show. LP [2013] The Lost Sessions Demo EP [2012] (klick for free download) Winter Jams Demo EP [2011] (klick for free download) Best Days EP [2010] Sites: Homepage | Facebook For contact write to: [email protected]

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