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1) NOMAD is a Polish Death Metal band. Country of origin: Poland Location: Opoczno Status: Active Year of creation: 1994 Genre: Death Metal Lyrical themes: Anti-Christianity, anti-religion, blasphemy, death Current label: Witching Hour Productions 2) NOMAD founded in 1994, after two years of rehearsing in the beginning of 1996 enters SALMAN Studio in Bialystok to record its first demo tape entitled DISORDER. In October '97 NOMAD enters SELANI studio to record its first full-length material THE TAIL OF SUBSTANCE which a few months later is released by the musicians themselves as a pro-printed tape only. In 1998 the group records 4 songs which help them to sign a record deal with NOVUM VOX MORTIS. In February '99 NOMAD records additional 3 songs which close a final effort entitled THE DEVILISH WHIRL. A new full-length CD - DEMONIC VERSES (Blessed Are Those Who Kill jesus) - is recorded in 2002 at HENDRIX Studio. It's finally released in May 2004 by Killjoy's (NECROPHAGIA, WURDULAK and many others) BAPHOMET REC. In 2003 Polish super-group SWEET NOISE invites NOMAD to participate in their NOISENATION artistic project. It's 2006. The band enters HENDRIX Studio once again and records their brand new album entitled "THE INDEPENDENCE OF OBSERVATION CHOICE (Luce Clarius)" that is released on June 13th 2007 on the territory of Poland through EMPIRE REC. In 2009 the worldwide release of "THE INDEPENDENCE..." takes place due to German ANIMATE REC. And the band is making a record for their new album under a working title "TRANSMIGRATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS"...

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