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foto de Kymatica

The word Kymatica is a compound consisting of the lexemes kyma and matica. Kyma is a Greek word which translates as "wave form" or “energy”. Matica means “matrix” or “source” in today's Slovak language. The idea is to allude to the idea of a base source of all things. It then becomes a way of expressing the incredible vastness of the universe as an interconnected whole. From the fires of the cosmos that create the very stars themselves, to the silent death cries of the millions of souls lost to the mists of time, all is intertwined like a spiders web or the lattice like labyrinth of time . The idea behind the word is both ancient and right now. So from this heavy and almost paradoxical concept comes a band that embodies such an awesome idea. Kymatica's music uses many seemingly paradoxical elements. At times soft and almost seductive, inviting one to become lost in textures only to turn and become as fire burning to cinders all laid before it like Kali at war. Kymatica's music inspires and requires a sense of awe to appreciate. Kymatica then offers an intense and potent energy to aid the fires of change. Fed by the blue flame of rebellion that ignites the birth of the spirit in ones soul the aim is to aspire to light that fire within as many souls as can be.

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