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Zach Krane, better known as KRANE, is a DJ from Oakland, California. Creating music in the Trap genre, KRANE's collaborations with Keys N Krates and Ekali have garnered over hundreds of thousands of streams on SoundCloud. Life and Career KRANE originally hails from Oakland and before music was employed as a product designer. He started out DJing as a hobby to let off steam from work. Initially, he got his name from picking a SoundCloud username; Krane was already taken so he decided to go with KRNE, not intending to make a career out of it, but has since blown up online. Since, he has changed his name to KRANE to avoid confusion since many fans were unsure of the pronunciation. As of July 2017, KRANE has over 142K followers on SoundCloud, almost 15K followers on Twitter, and over 17K followers on Instagram. SESSIONS Playlists KRANE grew to prominence through his SESSIONS mixtapes, which are a series of collaborative projects where KRANE recruits unknown producers and offer his production skills and recognition to bring them attention while concurrently learning the producing methods of his peers. How it works is that producers send KRANE a rough demo and he sifts through them, picking the most promising ones to work with.

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