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IVENBERG originally started back in 2001 as a Melodic Death Metal band. The name ‘Ivenberg’ is addapted from a local town, which used to be called like that in the 17th Century. After releasing two demos, one full length album, an EP and playing several gigs with Dissection, Grave, Dark Fortress and others, the band had quit in 2006 due to personal reasons… Two years passed, when finally MORSAN prepared to record several songs for a full length album, which at this time wasn’t meant to become a real band. In order to get some feedback and contributions he had contacted SARKAZ, who used to be the guitarist of Ivenberg. While arranging the new material the re-union idea grew up. Just in time BESEGRA showed up offering to take on the drums and HERRE SVART finally completed the lineup as bass player. IVENBERG was reborn! Within a short period the songs were finished and Ivenberg entered the FORTEFORTISSIMO Studios, owned by BESEGRA, to record ‘leben heisst sterben’. The album was released by ASATRU-KLANGWERKE on the 14th of November 2008. Their style can be described as a mix of Viking / Black / Death Metal with significant modern influences. Neck breaking mid-tempo riffing, fast paced drummings, next to heroic melodic portions makes their sound, fullfilled by vocals starting from psychodelic whispering, to demonic growls and apocalyptic screams. The daily battle any modern warrior fights along his way on earth is the major inspiration for Ivenberg’s lyrics. Differing from ancient times today’s battles aren’t fought with shields and swords, but with sharpened tongues and keen minds. So far the band can look back on some amazing shows and is looking forward to a great deal of gigs upcoming. Later this year there’s a tour planned with some major acts of the german Viking Metal scene, like RIGER and MINAS MORGUL. Of course new songs are on the run already and the band is aiming to release another masterpiece in early 2010. Stay tuned! Discography: - ‘ivenberg’ demo 2002 - ‘no gate to pass’ demo 2003 - ‘non spiritual dimension’ album 2005 - ‘neither god nor satan’ ep 2006 - ‘leben heisst sterben’ album 2008

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