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If Hope Dies was formed in the summer of 1998. When five young dedicated musicians (Gary Mann-Bass, Aaron Conti-Guitar, Al French-Vocals, Brandon Wakeham-Drums, and Thad Jackson-Guitar) combined their love for heavy aggressive, melodic music. As the years went on, the five grew strong at their instruments and passionate about there music. Before the band new it they were recording a 6 song demo CD to show the world their talent. From there the band worked their way onto shows all over the New England area and Canada. Concentrating on their music and playing shows nonstop, the band found themselves playing with national acts such as In Flames, Lamb Of God, Soilwork and many more. They also earned their way onto Syracuse NY's Hellfest 2001 as well as 2002 and 2003 with some of the industries finest. From there, in December 2002, IHD released their first full length CD "Siege Equipment for Spiritual Decline" on Diehard Records, an independent label based out of Montreal, Canada. After the album was released, guitar player Aaron Conti left the band to pursue other goals. So IHD took on a new guitarist, Fred Cardinal from Montreal, Canada. The new guy was dedicated and ready to help the band take it to the next level. So IHD toured as much as possible for the next few months. With a new guitarist and creative minds rolling, the band decided to start writing new material for the next album. In May 2003 Trevor Phipps of Unearth approached IHD with a contract for his newly formed record label, Ironclad Recordings. IHD finished their debut for Ironclad and the street date was set for October 2003. After the record was finished IHD parted ways with guitarist Fred Cardinal and picked up Tim Seib from Syracuse, NY. If Hope Dies is now complete with a steady dedicated and focused line up consisting of Gary Mann-Bass, Thad Jackson-Guitar, Brandon Wakeham-Drums, Al French-Vocals, and Tim Seib-Guitar. The bands debut album "The Ground is Rushing Up Top Meet Us" is now available and If Hope Dies is stronger than ever and out on the road rockin it up.

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