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The group formed in 2014 under the name Puranime with former BiS member Kamiya Saki and Mizuta Mari at the "BiS Kaisan Live BiS Nari no Budokan". They held their first stage on August 2 & 3 at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2014. In September they released their debut single, "Plastic 2 Mercy". They released one more single before Mari announced her withdrawal from the group in April 2015. Auditions were held to find new members and the group name was changed to POP, which was created by fellow office-mate Aina The End (BiSH). Their first one-man live Period Of Plastic 2 Mercy was held on August 9th at Tokyo Daikanyama UNIT. On December 4th they began a "100km marathon" with their back-to-back lives starting at Yamanashi Fuji-Q Highland and ending with Tokyo Shimokitazawa SHELTER the following day. On June 17, they announced a second group name change to GANG PARADE. Shigusawa Ao announced her withdrawal three days later due to lack of support from her family. On October 1st, Itakai Maaya announced her withdrawal due to family circumstances. The group held a one-man live Barely Last TOUR the same month in Nagoya and Osaka, showing off new member Kyan Maika. Their one-man live "Barely Last" on November 13th at Shinjuku BLAZE is the group's largest thus far. In November 2016, former-SiS members Terashima Yuuka, Yui Ga Dokuson, and Coco Partyn Coco joined the group. In early 2017, it was announced that Kamiya Saki and BiS member Aya Eightprince would trade places until September 2017. Members Current Yamamachi Miki (ヤママチミキGreen) (Joined May 31, 2015) Yumeno Yua (ユメノユア;Pink) (Joined May 31, 2015) Kyan Maika (キャン・マイカ;Orange) (Joined October 2016) Terashima Yuuka (テラシマユウカ) (Joined November 2016) Yui ga Dokuson (ユイ・ガ・ドクソン) (Joined November 2016) Coco Partin Coco (ココ・パーティン・ココ) (Joined November 2016) AYA EiGHTPRiNCE (アヤ・エイトプリンス) (Joined Group temporarily in May 2017, but became an official part of it as of August 6, 2017) Former Mizuta Mari (Graduated April 2015) Shigusawa Ao (シグサワアオ;White) (Graduated August 8, 2016) Inukai Maaya (イヌカイマアヤ;Yellow) (Left October 2016) Kamiya Saki (カミヤサキ;Blue;Original Member) (Was moved to BiS temporarily for a few months, but is now part of the group as of August 6, 2017) Discography Indies Albums [2015.08.04] P.O.P (POP) [2016.11.08] Barely Last Indies Singles [2014.09.30] Plastic 2 Mercy (Pla2me) [2015.01.30] UNIT (Pla2me) [2015.12.08] Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky (POP) [2016.03.15] QUEEN OF POP (POP) [2016.07.19] WE ARE the IDOL [2016.12.27] Plastic 2 Mercy (Re-release) [2017.04.25] FOUL [2017.07.25] Beyond the Mountain

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