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foto de Firewoodisland

You find yourself wandering amidst majestic trees; the feel of moss between your toes. Peeping sun rays prompt winter’s sleep to thaw. Here is the home of Firewoodisland; the bud of spring. Lets go on a ramble, loosen the ‘chords’ of the ordinary and set foot into the rustic sound of Celtic Viking Music. With infectious, solid vocal harmonies, marching beats, haunting whistles and a soundscape decorated with small organic details, Firewoodisland speaks of a tangible past and an ever present future. A band with wings and roots. During the sleepy autumn months of 2010 Viking descendant, Stian Vedøy set sale in his longship to embark on the shores of Cardiff, South Wales. New lands and legends soon inspired him to begin his journey in a solo project, Firewoodisland, translated from his family name. In the following 3 years he was joined by local folk and travelers, who together, found a magical sound. They came from near and far, north, west and east; from England, Wales and Ireland in search of their futures. Some were found in taverns, some in gatherings, and one was discovered on an internet advertising site. Expect uplifting tunes, joyful skipping, mesmerizing stories, enchanting anthems and an exciting fusion of unusual instruments. Creativity and artistry are the campfire they dance around. They are family; they are Firewoodisland! The Firewoodisland Family Stian Vedøy - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Harmonica Steve Allen - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals Abi Newbould - Vocals, Cymbals, Trumpet Aveen Cooley - Vocals, Flute, Irish Whistle, Floor tom Josh Pike - Mandolin, Banjo, Accordion, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Saxophone, Additional Percussion, Backing Vocals Nick Walker - Bass, Backing Vocals

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